Sunday, September 16, 2007

Last Call

Dear Bunnies,

If you haven't noticed there has not been an update for well over a month. I have decided to sell REVEAL. and work on smaller projects. Daniele Hesse is the new owner/cheif editor: all questions and comments can be directed to him. I truly loved working on it, i did. I loved taking photos and randomly deciding what made a good outfit.

I will write in reveal from time to time. But my role in it will be very limted. I plan on writing randomly here and there. My boyfriend and I might start a fashion blog and i might sell shapes at a friends place. I don't have time time [RL comes before SL] to continue such an endeavor.

So my loves *kiss kiss hug hug*

Azar K.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Some thing of interest

Dear Bunnies,

I would like to thank Tsuitengu Kuramoto For giving me this link [below loves]. I'm sure many people are dealing with lost of inventory. A few days ago I noticed I lost my Paper couture bag [from the fall collection It was't the price, but rather the principal. Please go to this site for more information

Thursday, August 2, 2007

We're fucking famous!

Dear Lovlies- we're famous!

Well um ah not really. But, such a quixotic notion gives me butterflies in the tummy! We we're mentioned on SL fasion notices. Every little mention adds up my fuzzy bunnies. I'm very honored for our magazine to be mentioned anywhere. SO I would just like to say thanks ya's!

Anywhoo chickadees the party is the 3rd[I hope things are better by then] We are givin away two grand and, who knows theere might be hot naked men. I will try my best to deliver on that ; ) I'm childish but, who the fuck isn't in SL

Also If youw ant to discuss advertising instant message my pixelated ass! We will discuss size and prices: believe me i don't believe in absorbant prices nor, is it a wise idea at this stage.

Ooooh Ohhh Ohhh before i forget because I'm prone to do that. I will be changing the music player soon. Since I want a mix bag IM me in world and tell me what ya want ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Party bitches


Dear Loves,

On August Third 5pm SL time REVEAL. is having a party at the Cetus galleries on the Tricia Aferdita gallery roof. 2 grand in prizes will be given away and one lucky gentlemen gets to bring Adelita Hera home [just kidding]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dear Bunnies,

Habibi: Best dressed in black [Saturday. Time N/A]

Desi Beatz: Best dressed in Wings and masks [Saturday and Sunday. time N/A. Instant message Sam1177 Alito for more info]

Cetus Gallery Presents "speed dating" [Friday july 20th @ 7pm. For further info contact Tricia Aferdita or Xander Ruttan]

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear snuggle bunnies,

Today I would like to inform you were adding a new section to the magazine :) so happy. It's basically someone going around taking photos of people and critisizing how they look and how they can fix it.
I'm surprised I haven't seen any one blog these boots by last call. Yes, they came out a bit ago but, they're bloody brilliant! They came out awhile ago: the use of sculptie and is such a perfect combination. I was afraid of what sculpties would look like shoe wise after the Last call group freebie.
I own almost every single pair of shoes from last call. I love their shoes like a mother loves their burden [children are yucky] but, sculpties to me are just a ploy by the lindens to have people stop bitching about lag. So i'm hoping more comes out of the sculpties.
** Events coming up
today idea homecenter is releasing a new collection of furniture
saturday 11 am - 2pm
saturday - best in wings contest @ desi beatz time n/a

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Omg like legit

Dear Loves,
Issue two is now out: Get it byatches! Alot of work was put into this.I'm proud of our staff. Adelita Hera, Daniele hesse, Luisito Carnell, Diva Devine, and Coby Allen did such a good job. This issue will cover SS. Galaxy, the Mafia in SL, relationships and alot more.